The Birth of ShoeGuards


Wayne Iverson was inspired to start ShoeGuards during his barber career in Atlanta, GA. A Master Barber of 15 years and owner of Precise Cutts Barbershop Salon, Iverson has gained notoriety for his professional skills and services in the hair industry. His clientele list has reached even the most successful people, such as Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks, Rapper Nelly, Hall of Famer Ray Lewis, and Atlanta Falcons Grady Jarrett, just to name a few.

As a shoe fanatic, Iverson couldn't stand getting hair on and in his shoes while cutting hair. With his busy schedule starting from 9:00am-7:00pm Monday-Saturday, not to mention house calls after his work schedule, he would come home with hair-filled sneakers and debris. “The last thing I wanted to do after a busy week of cutting hair was scrub my shoes with soap and water.” 

Five years ago, ShoeGuards was merely an idea. Iverson wanted to come up with a fashionable way to protect his shoes from hair, dirt, and debris. With his busy schedule, however, he pushed the idea to the back of his mind and continued to gain clientele left and right. It wasn't until he met Mohamed Sanu of the San Francisco 49ers that his career path would expand outside of the barber industry.  

Many haircuts later, Iverson and Sanu had developed a friendship and brotherhood. During a haircut in late 2019, Iverson had shared his idea of ShoeGuards with Sanu. After the haircut, they left as business partners. Thus, the birth of ShoeGuards was in full effect.

With a strong team standing beside them, CEO Wayne Iverson and Partner Mohamed Sanu started their journey of designing and creating ShoeGuards, not only for barbers and hairstylists, but for everyone who ever owned a pair of shoes and seeks to keep them clean in the simplest way possible.

Their team at ShoeGuards encourages you to "step confidently into your purpose." 

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