SG1 | The First Ultra-Clear Silicone Shoe Cover

Introducing the first Ultra-Clear silicone shoe cover.
Please Note: This item will be available for Pre-Order on March 5, 2021. 
The ultra-clear ShoeGuards are an essential item to keep your kicks clean without compromising style. Its see-through feature -- almost crystal clear -- allows for your personality to shine in any weather. Show off your shoes while keeping them protected with our new ultra-clear ShoeGuards.
**Exclusive availability produced in limited quantities.**
  • Black waterproof zipper
  • 2 silicone waterproof and slip-resistant shoe covers
  • 1 breathable ShoeGuard carrying bag
  • Lasts for up to 2000 wears
  • Shipped from Atlanta, GA USA
Sizing Information:
L: U.S. MEN'S 8 - 10. U.S. WOMEN'S 6.5 - 10
XL: U.S. MEN'S 10.5 - 13
2XL: U.S. MEN'S 14 - 16
 See size recommendation here.
ShoeGuards are compatible with most tennis shoes. Avoid wearing with boots and heels. For bulkier shoes, we recommend going up a size.
Suggested Care & Maintenance: 
Our ShoeGuards are designed and manufactured at a high quality standard for longevity and satisfactory. Our product is made of high-elastic, silicone material and thickened for slip-resistance performance. For best results, we recommend proper care and maintenance tips for your ShoeGuards:
1. Do not force to pull or ShoeGuards may tear.
2. Avoid stepping on sharp objects such as glass, sharp rocks, or ice.
3. Avoid wearing bulky or pointy shoes such as boots, heels, dress shoes, or shoes with pendants or buckles.
4. If you have bigger shoe soles, please consider buying a bigger ShoeGuard size.
5. When cleaning, brush gently with soap and water. Dry with towel. 
We do not recommend ShoeGuards for pregnant women or people with reduced mobility.