Where and when should I wear my ShoeGuards?

Consider the environment you're about to step into. Is it outside on a rainy day or walking into work on the front-line? ShoeGuards are a must in any circumstance or condition. We introduce to you four "when and where's" to wear your ShoeGuards:

1. The Rain Boot Renewed

Unlike the original rain boot, ShoeGuards are compact, lightweight, and easy to store away! This waterproof and slip-resistant shoe cover is what we call "The Rain Boot Renewed.We encourage you to wear your ShoeGuards outside on a rainy day!

2. The Protector

Are you a sneaker fanatic and tired of the hassle of scrubbing soap and water on your favorite pair of shoes? Save yourself the time and trouble and avoid wear and tear by covering your beloved shoes with a pair of ShoeGuards on your way out the door! We introduce to you "The Protector."

3. The Guard
What's your dirty job? From barbers and hairstylists to working in a busy commercial kitchen, we have the perfect durable, non-slip and easy to wash shoe protector! Work in the comfort of your own shoes while preserving it from water, dust, dirt, and other debris. The "The Guard" protects your shoes from the dirtiest places without stopping the job.

4. The Essential

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is necessary and encouraged in the Healthcare field. Not only does it display respect to patients, but it stops the spread of germs and toxins and helps with contamination control as well. Easy to clean and disinfect, "The Essential" provides front-line healthcare workers with a reusable shoe cover after disinfecting.